Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When everything set

Hi, long time no see
I want to push my self to write more. Yes! In English lol
But I think my English wasn't so good.
Poor structure!
I called it "Pat-phong English" ? But I respected the ways that pat pong girls tried to speak English. It isn't correct in structure, pronunciation or vocabularies but they have much confident to talk and foreigner can understand in their sentence.

Btw, I quit my job at AirAsia to discover a new thing in Aerothai. Yes, state enterprise officer that provided Air traffic control service. That's cool, isn't it?
Now I'm in probation, my task is studying Air Traffic Services intensive course. I left education things behind since I graduated 2 years ago. It's hard to back to much number of book, reviewing for exam, putting my self to reading for hours.

Course that I must to study is about to learn everything that I have study in whole my bachelor degree about aviation but in 3 months at aerothai!
I saw some status from my classmates that they tired and confuse that they're on right place or not?

I'm thinking about my self too!
Its good that you have got the great chance... Many people jealous in you...
Why don't you keep trying? You passes the recuitment process which is has many steps to complete. But you have passed!!!
Keep trying! Walk together :)

Ps. Appreciated that someone can correcting english structure in my article :)

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  1. Fighto kub

    Please update your ATC Life again & again

    Maybe there are many people wanna know about that

    Thank you very much ^^