Sunday, July 22, 2012

Veggie Soup for my veggie day

As you may know I'm a one day a week vegetarian... normally I don't eat meat on Monday...
People think that I was born in monday but Noo!!! I'm Saturday boy :)
I pick monday to eat veggie because Monday is the first day of week you can start some good new things on that day and If I have veggie on Sat that I was born I think It's hard to organize my life with people around me

Yesterday is Saturday... I have veggie meal for next week... So next monday I can eat Vietnamese Food with my college at office :)

I made Veggie Soup at my home... First I saw veggie stock recipe on PHOLFOODMAFIA but I don't have any pot at my room so I adapt to use a pan and adding some taste of japanese by sukiyaki sauce

Bhutanese mushroom
Black pepper
Kikoman Sukiyaki sauce

easily made by melting butter in a pan and fried sliced onion til it clear then add diced carrot and mushroom add salt and pepper
when it change color add water and boil it finish taste with sukiyaki sauce


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