Saturday, April 16, 2016

Croissant and Love

Yes! I found that this is not the first entry of this year yayyyyy

If you travel in flight with the full inflight meal serving you will hear the cabin crew asking you like 'bread or croissant, sir?'...
Between breads and croissants I prefer croissant. I love it's textures... Flakey, fluffy and buttery. 

Today's I rebake my croissant that I bought 3 days ago from the coffee store but I forgot to tell them not to warm it. It means that croissant was rebake and warm for 3 times already. If the croissant was made from the high quality ingredients like butter and flour it may still keep its textures like fresh from oven. But if it's not? The flaky crust is still flaky but how about the inside? It's chewy and hard to cut through...

Like love,,, along the way, there are many  things happened. Many apologies, many forgiveness but everyone has their own limitations so like croissant leave it in refrigerator and rebake it. First, it's textures may be acceptable but second or third time may be not. Depend on it's ingredients or stories happened.



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