Monday, April 8, 2013

Life without yeast

Today I feel better from impact teeth operation, so I decide to bake some sweet to eat because I ate only congee for 2 days!!!
I made matcha cake but I only have all purpose flour and no baking soda... but i still going on with them
The texture is ok but not so cake :)

It make me think of qoute from my favorite drama "my name is kim sam soon"

"There are 2 kinds of dough according to the purpose of its use. One with yeast and one without yeast. It ferments easily if u put in yeast but if u don't, the dough breathes by itself and swells up by itself. I just feel that the way it breathes gently is so cute. I want to become a person without yeast.... "

Yes, I want to growing up slowly... and enjoy my life... don't want to grow faster anymore